Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With the pace of change today, innovation, efficiency and agility are more critical than ever. The Hatchery is at the forefront of making innovation and entrepreneurship accessible for all and provides students with support to dream, learn, connect, and build.

From inspiration and learning to projects and startups

The Hatchery

If you have an idea, The Hatchery, Center for Innovation is the place to bring it to life. The Hatchery supports student innovators and entrepreneurs from all Emory schools and serves as the university's epicenter for exploring what's possible.

Housed within a new 15,000 sq. ft. creativity space, the center offers mentoring and program support for all stages of innovation, from inspiration and learning to projects and startups. The center embraces a broad approach to innovation and emphasizes the importance of diversity, inclusion and social impact to create more equitable and progressive solutions.

Innovation is a skill that is needed in every career, and whether you're a student who wants to learn a new skill, make connections seek advice, or start a new service or product to change the world, The Hatchery is equipped to assist all student ventures at all stages.

Paul Welty, Vice Provost for Academic Innovation

Inspiration and Learning

The Hatchery seeks to inspire students of all schools and disciplines that innovation is relevant to them, and provides experiential learning opportunities to enable students to apply core innovation skills to create positive change in the world.

The Hatchery provides:

  • Courses and training on innovation and entrepreneurship skills, from harnessing creativity to building diverse teams, interdisciplinary thinking, human-centered design, Lean Startup, and more
  • Insights and tips from industry and non-profit thought leaders with shows and public platforms such as, “Emory Innovators” and “Might Could: Stories of Innovation in the ATL”
  • Materials for inspiration, learning and practicing, from strategy and team-building games, to ideation and planning aids, book and media collections, and more

Project and Startup Support

Sometimes the hardest part of being innovative is knowing how to get started. Whether students are looking to explore new idea angles, gain insights and tips from industry thought leaders, or get help writing a business plan, The Hatchery is the place to come.

The Hatchery provides:

  • Material and financial support for student ventures
  • Personalized mentoring and coaching
  • Methodologies for predictably and repeatedly making effective decisions
  • Connections and introductions to programs and resources to companies, organizations and alumni outside Emory


The Hatchery offers a supportive, collaborative, peer-to-peer entrepreneurship and innovation community to support students and organizations—in-person or online—of fellow innovators ready to help you get your idea off the ground, from prototype to build to launch.

The Hatchery provides:

  • A modern, Google X-styled facility that is highly configurable and provides drop-in working space
  • Makerspace with prototyping materials (including a 3D printer)
  • Presentation and event spaces, and meeting rooms with whiteboards and AV equipment
  • Innovative collaboration spaces for all types of ideation

More Information

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