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Emory University is committed to recruiting and supporting eminent faculty across schools and disciplines. Facet is the university's solution for managing faculty records for each of Emory's nine schools and the Libraries. By capturing data about faculty research, scholarship, teaching, and service, Facet is establishing structures to minimize administrative burden and streamline information.

Facet equips the university to make administrative processes more equitable, efficient, and consistent. The university leverages information to identify, recognize, and celebrate the extraordinary work and contributions of individual faculty members.

Facet benefits

Facet provides a more efficient way of managing information, data, and compliance, including to:

  • Empower faculty members to showcase accomplishments with a modern online tool for annual activity reporting and merit evaluations.
  • Streamline the reporting process and accelerate progress towards accreditation to create more time for life-changing research and teaching.
  • Foster a supportive culture that nurtures individuality by catering to unique unit-level and department-level requirements.
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusivity by ensuring compliance with hiring requirements and increasing representation in all areas.
  • Encourage growth and success by helping staff create and maintain transparent, documented processes that inspire innovation and collaboration.
  • Champion existing university, department, and unit-level processes, and enhance them with modernized technology and systems.
  • Uncover exceptional faculty poised for awards and honors.

Facet features

description of facet modules including faculty180, review, promotion, tenure, faculty search, and life cycle management

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