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With coders and cybersecurity professionals in short supply, technology credentials offer a launching pad for those looking to enter the field as well as those looking to accelerate their careers.

In support of those seeking tech-oriented career opportunities, Emory has teamed with nationally recognized training organization Fullstack Academy to offer a number of continuing education courses. Upcoming courses include a Coding Bootcamp, a Cybersecurity Bootcamp, and a DevOps Bootcamp. All come with hands-on career development support from Fullstack.

“Our Career Success team begins working with job-seeking students at about the midway point of the program,” said Huntly Mayo-Malasky, Fullstack’s Vice President of University Partnerships. The team offers technical and behavioral interview prep, resume and LinkedIn help, facilitated networking, salary-negotiation workshops, and practice interviews. “Once students complete the program, they continue to work with that dedicated career coach throughout their search.” 

In-demand Jobs

There is high demand for tech workers across U.S. industries these days. Companies are especially eager to get their hands on coders, cyber-professionals, and those skilled in DevOps — an IT model in which development and operations teams work together across the entire software application life cycle.

The Coding Bootcamp aims to address demand for software developers, those with demonstrated coding skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calls this out as one of the fastest-growing job fields, with demand expected to surge 22 percent from 2020 to 2030.

The bootcamp content is broken into three different phases:

  • Web Foundations: Responsive CSS, Data Types, Looping, etc. 
  • Front-End Development: AJAX, React, Intro to APIs, etc. 
  • Back-End & Fullstack Development: Node, Express, SQL, etc. 

“Our programs are designed for beginners and career changers looking to break into the tech field,” Huntly Mayo-Malasky said. “No coding background is required to join.

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp meanwhile looks to address a critical worker shortage, at a time when U.S. businesses find themselves increasingly under threat of ransomware and other cyber-exploits. While there are about 879,000 cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. today, some 359,000 jobs remain unfilled, CNN reports.

In its most recent survey, the international cyber organization ISC2 found that 49 percent of respondents expect their organizations to hire more cybersecurity professionals within the next year.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp students learn foundations and security essentials, including Linux and Python fundamentals and Command Line. Students then learn Red- and Blue-team (offense and defense) techniques including Pen-Testing methodology, vulnerability discovery, logs, incident management and more.

The Bootcamp helps prepare students to earn certification through the Security+, CySA exams, something ISC2 supports. “One reason that certifications are important, and why cybersecurity professionals seek them out, is to demonstrate their expertise as technology changes and industry trends emerge,” according to ISC2.

The DevOps Path

Emory is also offering a DevOps Bootcamp with Fullstack. Those skilled in bringing together development and operations teams are in especially high demand.

A DevOps specialist can earn almost $106,734 and while salary will depend on role, the average pay rate is consistently strong. A DevOps Release Manager earns an average of $92,000 and a Site Reliability Engineer makes $125,000 a year.

“Designed in partnership with AWS Academy, the DevOps Bootcamp equips you with the skills employers are looking for in automation, infrastructure, and Python,” said Mayo-Malasky. “The program includes labs and courseware from both Fullstack and AWS Academy, blended into a unique fast-track student experience to train you from beginner to certified DevOps engineer in 26 weeks.”

The bootcamp curriculum is designed to help students develop technical expertise in cloud computing, and to help them prepare for AWS Certification. These credentials recognize individuals with the technical skills and expertise to design, deploy, and operate applications and operations on the widely-used AWS platform.

“As a part of the DevOps program, students will be prepared to earn the most in-demand industry certifications,” said Mayo-Malasky. “Taking these certifications is optional but highly recommended for career success, and students can choose to take certification exams during or directly after the program.”

The business community increasingly is looking to technology as a competitive differentiator, and those with well-regarded credentials have an edge in a competitive labor market.

With coding, cybersecurity, and DevOps skills all in high demand, Emory’s strong reputation and Fullstack’s deep expertise together deliver a range of opportunities for those looking to enter this fast-growth field, as well as those looking to accelerate their IT careers.

For get more info on any of these bootcamps, visit Technology Bootcamps on the ECE website.  

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