Facet: Faculty Information System

Emory University is committed to recruiting and supporting eminent faculty across a wide spectrum of schools and disciplines. Facet is the university's solution for managing faculty records for each of Emory's nine schools and the Libraries.

By capturing data about faculty research, scholarship, teaching, and service throughout their career, Facet is modernizing the way faculty data can be used to minimize administrative burden and streamline information.

Facet equips the university to make administrative processes more efficient, consistent, and equitable while also exploring opportunities to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary work and contributions of individual faculty members.

Facet benefits

Facet provides a more efficient way of managing information, data, and compliance, including to:

  • Provide online tool for annual faculty activity reporting and merit evaluations
  • Streamline faculty reporting, including accreditation
  • Support unit-level and department-level special requirements
  • Ensure compliance and diversity hiring needs are manageable
  • Help staff create and maintain transparent, documented processes
  • Support existing university, department, and unit-level processes
  • Identify faculty poised for awards and honors

More Information

Find resources on the Facet intranet site for school and unit administrators, faculty, and staff >>> (requires Emory login)

Contact the Facet team: facet.help@emory.edu